February 19, 2018

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 The 'Fully Fire Rated' Retainer Mesh System (Patent Pending) is very easy to install in 1200mm strips, which are cut and folded to suit all gutters with their varying widths, to the gap between the end of your roof and the gutter Rib. It will fit all your individual roof conditions and will form a unique and easily removable leaf seal.

The mesh is made from a fine 6 x 3mm, 0.7mm thick 1,000mg/m2, strong Powder Coated aluminium mesh, which allows water flow but stops fine leaves.

This mesh will fit all Roofing Systems, including corrugated iron, span or trim deck, slate and tiles. It will keep your gutters clear of debris, fire cinders, insects, snakes, vermin, nesting birds and leaves.

A1 Removable Gutter Mesh

  • Allows gutters to free flow rainwater to your tank in a clean and healthy unpolluted manner.
  • Allows your gutters to be easily maintained and easily remove dust, ash and sludge build up, every 6 months as gutter manufacturers require, for you to receive your Full Gutter Warranty, and to extend the life of your gutters.
  • Allows your home to be safer when fire, sparks and embers attack.
  • Allows all down pipes to flow freely.
  • Allows you to be free of ongoing gutter cleaning duties by doing minimal ongoing maintenance.

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