February 19, 2018


A1 Removable Gutter Mesh is now available in a "Do – It – Yourself" Kit for easy installation by the home handyman. This is a simple to install system that is designed for jobs too small to warrant a trained installer, or the location is too remote for the cost of an installation team.

These D.I.Y. Kits of 4 x 1.2M will give you a total of 4.8M, which are available from selected Market Traders, Hardware and Handyman Outlets, or you can order online.  

Simple Installation

  1. Install the retainer you have chosen.
  2. Place the mesh between the keeper and the gutter rib.
  3. Fold back flat the excess mesh to suit your gutter width.
  4. Simply install the mesh between the retainer and the gutter rib. JOB DONE! :) It is really that simple!

A1 Gutter Mesh, 'Leaves – NO Worries' for NEW BUILDINGS or RE-Roofing (A Registered Design System). The A1 Gutter Mesh is designed as a NON-removable system. It is installed with the fascia and gutter installation and before the roofing is installed.

200mm A1 Removable Gutter Mesh in fill strips are placed in gaps between sections of the the A1 Gutter Mesh each 2.5m to allow full and regular gutter maintenance to maintain and receive your full gutter warranty.

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